Bermuda Triangle Jigsaw Puzzles were created by John Elsegood, retired from Aardvark Communications in Bermuda 2008, where he was a part owner and senior graphic designer.

“I made the puzzles as challenging as possible using interconnecting triangles to form and 18 inch triangular puzzle when completed.”

Boxing it in a triangular box and shrink wrapping for both better shelf life for stores and the cleanliness of appearance.

Other projects are on the drawing board (Computer) includes the rest of this series as interactive puzzles. Jiglox a new concept in puzzles and Puzzolor a Challenging game of colours.

I have just finished my photographic website of and am working continuously on and Linda's website of fine art

We currently live in our mountain log cabin in North Carolina.

I hope you enjoyed a Quicktime movie of some of my work.



This presentation takes approximately 6 minutes to run and includes some of my most recent work in it.
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